Adult Volunteering

Balerno Scouts offers a varied programme of adventurous activities to kids from 6 to 14. Look around the website to see what we get up to. As well as being an adventure for kids, it is fun for adults too. Whether you are able to spare regular time, want to be an occasional helper, or would be willing to look after accounts, support our fundraising team or help the quartermaster. Even if it is once a year putting up tents at camp, or volunteering to explain an interesting hobby. Every contribution is valued. And remember, adults have fun too!

There are many reasons why adults choose to volunteer for Scouting. Here are some that existing volunteers have given:

  • To give something back to the community: ‘I believe the kids get such a lot out of it; I just put a bit back for what the kids take out.’
  • To support the Leaders: ‘They give so much, you’ve got to give some of that back.’
  • Because volunteering is a ‘good thing’: ‘I just personally believe that you should always do some kind of voluntary work…otherwise nothing would get done in this world.’
  • As an enabler, so the Leader can do more: ‘If I can help Sam, our Leader, out by doing the little things, then it means she has got more time to give the kids and then they get more out of it.’
  • To spend more quality time with your child: ‘David used to go on his PlayStation2 while I read the paper after school and work – now we get a chance to do activities together.’
  • To develop your own skills: ‘I hadn’t used a compass since I was a Scout. After I learned how to use one again, I take one out on family walks. We get lost less than we used to!’
  • To enjoy and rediscover adventure for yourself: ‘We had a water fight at Beavers the other week, it was great!’


Contact John Henderson for more information