Tent drying

Omega 350 Tent Drying procedure

If it’s dry outside fling it over the line then turn over after an hour.

The inner is fixed inside the outer and can remain so. The bottom of the inner is wet from ground,  outside of outer wet from rain but bits in between ae generally drier so it dries fine as one.

The exception to this for these tents is inside the windows which have a built in shade which when not rolled back holds condensation.  This is always the last bit to dry.

Poles and pegs can be eased out of the bag so they too can dry.

If it’s wet outside I spread it out on a room floor and toss n turn every so often. Again when windows dry it’s done.

Tent should be folded as one. Aiming for width similar to bag length. Poles placed at one end and tent rolled around them.

Care should be taken pushing the tent into the bag as it can be easily torn. Pegs are placed down the inside of the bag so they are easily checked and not buried inside. (poles can be pulled from centre and replaced if required,) If you are having any problems getting it all into the bag please just return all in a bin bag or similar to keep it all together and clean.